Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Valla 40th anniversary tees

I recently designed a couple of tees for Paul and Sage Joske at Valla (saltwater constructs) for their 40th anniversary. Paul has been shaping boards since 1970, and is a master craftsman. His boards are as much works of art or instant family heirlooms as they are surfing equipment (and they're exceptional examples of surfing equipment). Sage is now carrying on the tradition. All I can say is one day my kids will have a pretty impressive collection of heirlooms!

From what I gather the tees have been really well received by their customers, and I know I feel pretty special wearing mine around town.


  1. Love your drawings. Are you interested in doing a t-shirt design for the surf group I run in Sydney? Let me know and I can give you more details. Mark (m . sefton @ bigpond . net . au)