Sunday, March 14, 2010

India: A typographer's paradise

Joe and I recently spent a couple of weeks in India. I did have a fairly involved report posted here for a while, but in the interests of keeping things concise I've edited it down to what you see now. If you'd like the full rundown on the trip feel free to email me! India is a typographer's paradise. So I decided to make my own souvenirs by recreating some of what I saw there. The top sketch is a homage to crazy Mumbai, where this slogan featured heavily on most vehicles. If you saw the traffic there you'd understand why. The lower sketch tries to capture some of the beautiful hand-painted tiles that adorned buildings in Panjim, which being a fairly religious place also heavily featured references to God, such as buses named Jesus, and Praise the Lord stickers randomly about the place. In a nutshell I'm so stoked we made the trip there, and if you love hand-drawn type as much as I do, it is well worth the visit.

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