Monday, March 12, 2012

Stoked on shelving

You might be wondering how a post about shelving made its way here. How are shelves surf-related? If I may draw a slightly long bow...

Ever since a very small person came to live with us, it's become increasingly imperative that we get some adjustable storage. And what better than custom-made shelves constructed from 60-year old reclaimed timber and industrial steel? The whole process was such a labour of love that it seemed only fitting to document the final construction.

And the relevance to surfing? The wood originates a stone's throw from MR's home break. The builder Kyal is a shredder in his own right (and now also a minor celebrity thanks to appearing on a recent season of reality renovating TV show The Block). And the shelves are now home to, among other things, our precious collection of The Surfer's Journal — safely out of reach of tiny hands (and mouths).

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