Friday, May 1, 2015

A new home

A little cross-promotion if you’ll allow me to indulge... it’s been so long since I posted anything on here and this is partly why — the day job, AKA running Design & Opinion, a consultancy specialising in design of all sorts and, of course, opinion (it’s not just a clever name). In between managing the business and looking after small children, I don’t have much leisure time — and when I do, I always choose getting out in the water over getting out the pens.

My company website was in dire need of an overhaul so I’m pleased to announce that this week I’ve launched a brand-spanking new one, complete with a shop where you can buy some of my prints (so there is a direct tie-in to this humble little blog after all).

Take a look and see what I spend most of my time doing!

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