Sunday, May 1, 2011

Riding Tandem

I've gone all electronic with this latest typographic illustration. Designing the letterforms this way has reminded me yet again how difficult it is to design a proper, working typeface (and makes me appreciate the talents of those who do it for a living). For the last seven months I've been riding tandem by default, although lately my partner has grown too big for me to get out at all. I'm really looking forward to meting my little tandem buddy soon  — and getting back into the water of course.


  1. hi! i'm pretty sure you bought our excellent camery a few years back.. found your blog through azrock. tandem living hey? nice work!


  2. Ha! Yep we sure did. And it is an excellent car. Even more excellent now it has a little baby seat in the back, although it means I'll be back to putting the mal on the roof... ah sacrifices! I hope your little ones are well, did I hear you have a couple now?